All About PBN Hosting

All About PBN Hosting

What Is PBN Hosting?

Private Blog Network Hosting is just like SEO hosting but with a difference and technological advancement. Here you can choose a high quality host and host your CMS from a single panel. Choosing this type of a hosting service will prevent you from leaving a server side footprint, thus proving to be more secure and private.

Though this may be slightly more expensive than SEO hosting, your websites are safe and the IP addresses cannot be deactivated. This is because the IP addresses belong to big companies in the market and banning their IP addresses can lead to the loss of many websites. Though the content in the websites will not be affected, the website itself will be de-indexed.

A PBN can be a network of blogs by different owners or even a group of blogs belonging to one company. By linking such blogs together, the blogs are promoted and the rankings improve. As a result these blogs will enjoy higher ranks on the search engines and show up more frequently for related searches.

Why Is PBN Better Than SEO Hosting

When you use a SEO host, your website is hosted only in a few locations. This restricts your growth, as only people within the area will be able to see your website. If you want to host your website in other countries or areas, you need to hire another host with services in that area or subscribe for additional services that will enable you to host your website in those areas.

This will not only become expensive, but will also be complicated to keep track of, if you are using different hosts for different areas. Apart from increasing your expense, it even restricts the website hosting.

The providers for SEO hosting are limited and they use a set of IPs. Earlier these were not spotted and one could easily host multiple websites. However, Google has risen to the occasion and started spotting such IPs. As a result, it was easy to track down websites and shut is down.

Today, PBN hosting allows you to host the same website in multiple locations, without you having to subscribe for anything extra. This puts your website on the global map, without any additional expenses.


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